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A resonating challenge is to capture an out of the ordinary scene that emulates the mood as the shutter releases. A combination of dynamic light and gravitating subject matter are the catalysts for success.
lighthouse cropped final.jpg
Weber River Sunrise LR.jpg
icycles C (1 of 1).jpg
Markie's Moon (1 of 1).jpg
Winter fence_edited- LR1.jpg
Ogden Canyon BW Aug 2014tif.jpg
Big Canyon morning.jpg
ranch fence.jpg
Toronto Sunrise (1 of 1).jpg
rocks & stream.jpg
Winter lumin (1 of 1).jpg
lilacs BW jpeg.jpg
Antelope isalnd jpeg.jpg
ogden canyon falls jpeg.jpg
tree in mist jpeg.jpg
Antelope Island jpeg.jpg
TRuck stop jepeg.jpg
antelope Isalnd 3.jpg
Antelope Island.jpg
Pyramid WIX (1 of 1).jpg
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